At AJA Botanicals using the best natural ingredients and being environmentally conscious is the key to everything that we to do. By choosing to use only the highest quality natural ingredients we are thrilled to discover suppliers who are equally conscious of the standard of their products and the importance of sustainability.

All of manufacturing is done in the UK and we provide local delivery services. Our candles jars can be washed out and reused for a plant or a flower vase or can be fully recycled.

Our Into the Mystic diffuser jars and After Midnight body oil bottles are both made from violet glass from a company called Miron. Violetglass is biophotonic, its unique properties filtering light to protect and revitalize natural products and extending shelf life. The filtering of the damaging range of light allows only the beneficial violet, ultra-violet and infra-red rays to pass through. We encourage our customers to keep their violet glass diffuser bottles and order refills that are now available on our website.

We only use glass bottles and packaging that is fully recyclable. Our commitment to sustainability will always be part of our business ethics and as we grow we will always strive to do better.