Frequently asked questions

Yes all AJA Botanicals produts are all vegan.

No only on ourselves.

Yes they are completely safe to use in pregnancy. Although there are essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy none of ours fall under that category. If in the future something is not suitable for pregnancy, we will ensure that this is clearly labelled.

Our skincare products are 100% natural. We believe that all skin is sensitive and needs a simple approach, so naturally AJA Botanicals would be suitable for use children and teenagers.  Simple skincare is the best for young skin and teenagers especially have a tendency to over scrub and/or pick their skin and use too many harsh products which can damage the natural balance of their skin. Our Super Skin Face Oil is particularly good for problematic teenage skin.  Our products containing essential oils such as our After Midnight Radiant Body Oils would not be recommended for babies under 3 months.

AJA Botanicals products have undergone a full Cosmetic Product Safety Assessments so there should be no allergens present. If however there is any reaction to any of our products, please wash off immediately with warm soapy water and if there is further irritation please seek medical attention.

NO we don’t use preservatives as our skin care products are 100% natural and contain no water. If in the future, we decide to make products that do need preservatives we will use natural preservatives.

NO they do not, neither do we use any plastics at all in any of our products or packaging.

Yes all of our packaging is fully recyclable, we encourage customers to keep their diffusers bottles and buy refills.

All AJA Botanicals products are made in the UK.