By Tilly

Since my early 20s I have been an advocate of natural health. After spending my late teens not making the best health choices, my work as a model drew me to health food stores and exercise. I swapped out Coca-Cola and mars bars for short grain brown rice and seaweed and late nights for body brushing and yoga.

Later in my 20s and having young children, I looked more deeply into a preventative and natural approach to healthcare. Using a combination of herbal and homeopathic medicine, cranial osteopathy and flower remedies, I found solutions to most of my family’s basic physical and emotional needs. Through this I realised the importance of fresh organic food, natural cleaning products in the home and cleaner beauty products for our skin.

Achieving a balance is a life’s work, and good health also relies on connection and relationships. Nurturing these over a shared cake, or a few tequila shots is important too, plus it’s my view that a healthy body will be better equipped to handle a few toxins here and there!

I started Aja Botanicals as I wanted to share some of the comfort and support that having a holistic approach to health has given me. I believe that everyone can be inspired by our innate healing abilities and can benefit from the transformative power of natural fragrance. Using natural ingredients that already enhance our surroundings as well as being mindful of our planet seems like the right thing to do. Especially when the result is feeling more energetic and calmer whilst appreciating the beautiful, soothing and uplifting scents of nature.