The Joy of Less by Lydia Dickinson

I think it would be fair to say that I have less clothes than any woman I know and yet this has given me a surprising sort of happiness.


Violetglass is biophotonic, its unique properties filtering light to protect and revitalize natural products and extending shelf life.


By choosing to use only the highest quality ingredients and recyclable packaging, we are thrilled to discover suppliers who are equally conscious of the standard of their products and the importance of sustainability.

The first year of Aja Botanicals

This time last year I was eagerly awaiting my first run of AJA Botanicals candles.

The Wonder of Natural Fragrance

I love how fragrance evokes memories, it’s my way of time travelling. There are certain smells that take me back to my childhood in the Cotswolds.

Understanding the Teenage Brain

Why do our teenagers get such a bad wrap? Moody, difficult, disorganised, are all words that are associated with teenagers.

Tilly and Josh’s bohemian country wedding. The Dress Tribe.

The couple brought their laid back and spontaneous personalities to life as they tied the knot in the heart of Gloucestershire.

Wedding skin care planning and make up

In the lead up to my wedding I pulled off quite a bit of vanity planning. This was a whole new area for me that I fully embraced after years of extremely low self maintenance, but better late than never!

Wedding fitness and health

A couple of months before the wedding my writing took a bit of a dive, I can’t really call it writers block as I’ve only been writing for a few months, I just fell out of the habit.

Marriage In Your 20s Vs Getting Married In Your 40s. Grazia.

The first time I got married, aged 29, I really had no idea what this entailed. We were pretty rock-and-roll back then and I remember pulling it all together in just over a month.