One of the top notes of our After Midnight body oil is Neroli, This precious ingredients comes from Tunisia. As we found this winter sometimes it isn’t readily available and we will have to wait several months on ordering. However as its t’s the best we have found and as we can’t compromise on fragrance quality, we are learning to be patient.  

Neroli has a light, sweet and flora note with an element of citrus and is blended in the fragrance with the warmer and headier Orange Blossom absolute. Like Neroli, Orange Blossom absolute is also obtained from the flowers of the orange tree but through a different process. The flowers begin to bloom in springtime, at which time the harvesters descend upon the orange groves in the early morning hours to pick the blossom by hand, the exquisite essential oil contained in the flowers extracted on the day of harvest, the reason it is so precious is because it is said that it takes one ton of orange blossom to make 4 cups/2 pints. 

Neroli was introduced in Europe by Arab merchants in the 9th and 10th centuries. It takes its name from a 17th-century French duchess named Anne-Marie de la Trémoille. Known as the Princess of Nerola, she was particularly fond of this flower and used it to scent her gloves and bath water. 

When using After Midnight try pouring some into your palms,  gently rubbing them together and then taking your palms to your face to inhale the fragrance for a few moments and allow the scent to transport you. Emotionally and spiritually Neroli is full of hope and joy and is said to have the power to restore courage, vitality and self-confidence.